Preservation News, represents a comprehensive history of the public undertakings of the National Trust for Historic Preservation of the United States and gives much of the background to the work and growth of the organization in areas such as the evolution of its organizational structure, the problems and issues that underpinned the fashioning and enactment of key historic preservation legislation, and the nature and progress of significant restoration projects and advocacy activities initiated in the US and abroad between 1961 and 1995.

The journal is liberally interspersed with historic photographs of significant buildings and sites throughout the county with relevant commentary. From 1967, the periodical carried an editorial that explored timely topics in historic preservation and a letters section that permitted subscribers and the general public to express their views on preservation activities ongoing during the early years of Historic Preservation in the United States. Issues after 1973 featured a 'President's Column' through which the head of the National Trust offered perspectives on current preservation activities. Similarly, the 'Viewpoint' section allowed for the expression of the ideas of other members of the national executive.

In addition, the periodical gives other relevant information such as the publications of the Trust; collaborative projects, activities and affiliations with other organizations such as the National Park Service; and chronicles the expansion of academic programs in historic preservation and conservation throughout the United States and abroad.

Preservation News Holdings

Approximately 400 issues digitized from holdings in Cornell's Fine Arts Library. The available issues are listed below:

  • Vols 1 - 6 (Jan 1961 - Dec 1966), complete; 8-1/2" x 11" and with a single column layout
  • Vols 7 - 16 (Feb 1967 -Dec 1976), incomplete, [Jan 1967 missing]; 11-1/4" x 16-3/4" with newspaper-type mixed layout of up to 4 columns
  • Vols 17 - 32 (Jan 1977 - Dec 1992), complete; 11-1/2" x 15-3/4" mixed 4-column format
  • Vols 33 - 35 (Jan 1993 - Mar 1995), [incomplete, Sep 1993 missing]; 10" x 12" 5-column layout